Rights Society should be a top-level entity, not a subtype of Label. Discuss!

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Obligatory disclaimer: I’m sure this has been discussed before, feel free to point me to the required reading material and/or explain why this is a terrible idea.

Ok, so I’ve been ramping up to enter a bunch of Spanish language Works and I found the way rights societies are handled make it not very, eh, suave to enter relationships in a natural manner :smile: -)

Is there any reason why rights societies are not treated as top level entities? e.g. I would love to navigate to Country:Spain and see that Rights Society:SGAE handles that territory. Clicking on SGAE I would love to see a list of Artists and Publishers that are members. This has very little to do with what Labels are/do, imo.

Any thoughts? If you are at all interested hit me up and maybe we could cooperate on a proposal and submit it as a feature request.

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I’ve actually suggested this before. It would be helpful as both artists and labels (specifically, publishers) are affiliated with particular rights societies, and it would clear up some confusion as to whether these societies qualify as labels or not. IIRC the use of the Label entity type was something of a kludge.

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Did you open a ticket for it? I’m more than happy to support an existing proposal.

I don’t think I did. I think I only mentioned it in passing on an edit or a discussion in the (now-defunct) mailing list or old (also now-defunct) forums.

Adding a new top level entity is a lot of work, adding a label type is not. That’s it, mostly, tbh. Plus labels are already all sorts of things, like distributors and whatnot - honestly, “label” might make more sense as “organization”

This could perfectly be an area-label relationship “covered by rights society: X” (the other things you propose are harder, but this is an easy one if people feel it’s useful :slight_smile: )


Understood. But one can dream!

Cool! A short technical discussion should probably be had as some territories have multiple rights societies, etc. What’s the procedure to get the ball rolling?