Rights societies and individual works

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Why isn’t there a way to associate rights societies with individual works? It seems strange to only be able to associate their involvement at the release level considering their repertoires are organized at the work level.


They’re not supposed to be associated with works. They’re ideally supposed to be associated with the artists and publishers they represent. As of right now we only have the release-level credit, although I did create a ticket for an artist- and label-level “affiliation” relationship.


You can enter the id numbers that rights societies use.


That much is true.

That does beg the question: what kind of association are we talking about, @Lokimotive? I assumed you meant a publishing relationship because I have seen editors misinterpret release liner notes the way I described in my previous post.


I guess I just meant whatever rights society handled the rights for that work. The association with the artist makes a lot of sense, and I think being able to specify the years of that association would be very valuable. I saw a discussion from earlier about that.

I guess I just don’t understand why we’re able to associate them at the album level, because the role of the rights society doesn’t have anything to do with the album. If, for instance, there’s covers on a record then the covers are associated with whomever originally wrote it. And if there’s any collaborations those are taken care of at the individual work and composer levels too.


It’s more relevant for international releases than it is for American ones. Many European releases will be associated with different rights societies in different countries. Same deal for Japanese releases; usually they’ll have the JASRAC or e-License logo printed on the back cover.