Right title, wrong artist


I am totally new here, and was sent by someone on the Plex boards. I have one album on my NAS that Plex has misidentified, and I am told that the issue resides with the entry here: https://musicbrainz.org/release-group/812d9dd2-cb9e-3d1f-8a79-33d4a69a1468

The music is performed by guitarist Jason Vieaux, of the music of Pat Metheny. The database incorrectly identifies the album artist as Pat Metheny. Is there someone who knows how to change it? I was unable to find a good path forward. Thanks!


For some reason, someone used something that here we call Classical Style Guidelines (CSG).

These guidelines tell to credit composer; performer on the release.
Release tracks to composer and then recordings themselves to performer.

Sorry this will probably confuse you but I mean this release is not totally nonsense.
It’s following CSG.

Is it some instrumental cover album?

But maybe it should not follow CSG. I leave CSG experts come in and help further. :wink:

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Tagging people involved in the editing of that release:
@stream9 (pre-ngs) @reosarevok @fedcor

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Welcome Baward

You may not know this but you can easily edit the tags to your needs in the bottom right ‘New Value’ section of Picard. If you want to change the artist for all tracks then select the album in the top right panel (next to the little disc icon) and click on the artist in the bottom right new tag area and change to your liking. It’s best to not to always completely trust the automatic Picard results and check / verify these and change as you please. You have the original value on the bottom left panel and the new value on the bottom right. 9 times out 10 Picard gets it’s right but not always.


As @jesus2099 mentioned, this is just following our classical guidelines (it’s clearly meant to be a classical CD, it even says “file under classical” on the back cover). What that means is that the artist for the tracks is the composer of the music, which in this case is indeed Pat Metheny.

That said, I do understand why this is a case in which some people would want to not follow the classical guidelines for their own tagging. I’m not sure what options Plex gives to modify that for your personal collection though, maybe someone else here can be of more help?

Maybe a pseudo-release not using classical style guidelines would be ok?


Thanks all for your input, I will try and edit it. Yes, it’s sort-of an instrumental covers album, it’s Vieaux’s arrangements of some of Metheny’s compositions. Mr Vieaux is an acknowledged fan of the jazz great, and (this might set cats amongst pigeons) is one of the performers on Pat Metheny’s latest release, in which he (Pat) doesn’t play!

Anyway with ‘Images Of Metheny’ Pat Metheny is most definitely NOT the recording artist, that would be the equally talented Jason Vieaux.

The confusing thing is that even though I don’t think Pat Metheny can be classed as a classical musician, Jason Vieaux certainly is.

This will be difficult to get an agreement on or provide a solid guideline for.

I tend to agree that Jason Vieaux is the artist here, not Pat Metheny.

But then, I have a release by the Jacques Loussier Trio (a jazz trio) playing Satie.
Here I think that I would consider the Jacques Loussier Trio the artist.

Which would go against the classical guidelines, since Erik Satie is obviously a classical composer.

So what trumps what? A classical musician playing non-classical music, or a non-classical musician playing a classical composition?

Hm, perhaps only use the classical guidelines if both the performing artist and the composer are considered classical musicians/composers, and if either of the two is not (as in the two examples here) don’t apply the classical guidelines?

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Normally we apply classical guidelines if the release is “in classical context”, which this seems to be :slight_smile:

This seems like a good solution for both ‘sides’