Rhino Warner Records? (HDTracks)

Is this a real label?
Rhino Warner Records

There is no label in MB with the name “Rhino Warner Records”.
Shall I use Rhino (reissue label) for these HDTracks albums?

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I think they are the same: Some of the albums behind your link appear in that label entry.

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On streaming services, there’s a / mark between the names Rhino and Warner Records. For releases using the label, I use both Rhino and Warner Records (or Warner Bros. Records if the release is from before May 28, 2019).


HDtracks doesn’t show “/” on their APIs. All multiple labels look like one there. The label on other sites will probably show Rhino/Warner Records.


Here’s a concrete example showing that the lack of the forward slash is a deficiency in the HDtracks platform, rather than artist/label intent:

50 Years of De-Evolution 1973–2023
Rhino Warner Records
レーベル: Rhino/Warner Records

So you should ignore HDtracks’ data here.


Thanks everyone for the info about HDTracks deficiency.

I wonder if the userscript for importing to MB can be updated to account for the known unsplit labels. I am an amateur at JavaScript.

Edit: I just looked at the HDTracks list of labels. What a disaster. Not worth spending any time on it.

I just look at the releases on the other services to double check against the labels. On any HDtracks release that is standard 16-bit instead of 24-bit, almost always the same release as Deezer or Spotify. Many of the 24-bit are the same barcodes as Apple Music or Qobuz. The labels should be the same as them. Or Mora as pointed out above. Another good source.