Review/fix cover art Discogs release import


Hey all,

I just imported a release ( ) from using

A little surprised the cover art hasn’t come with it…

Do I need to import this directly at for every release I import or is this a bug of some kind?

Hope to hear back

Kind thanks


There is a feature request for this:


Thanks for reply

Sorry, I did mean to cross-post this, but thanks for doing the legwork for me (just dropped a URL into too)

Good to have some visibility on this forum and glad the issue is out there, even if I [personally] can’t be of immediate help

Hope this is useful



No problem with that :slight_smile: In general I think it is best to contact the developers of external tools directly, as they might not see a topic here. But having this information also in the official MusicBrainz community discussions makes sense, too, and other users of the tool in question often can answer issues like this.