Review added release for correctness

Could someone kindly have a look over this vinyl single release I have added?

Most specifically, I am new to adding copyright holders, engineers, etc to releases. I would like to make sure I have made the proper selections, more on the labels. I uploaded a full set of cover art to reference including the back which Discogs does not have to use.

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I would move the producer and engineer credits to the recordings. Also, you can add works and the writing credits.


Thanks for the reply. Could I ask something? Can you modify the release as you see fit, it is only 2 recordings so it is small? Reason is I want to see the before and after as you would do it. This way I can clearly see what you are suggesting and how it should look and be done. I am interested to see how such credits should be assigned for all… the release group, the release and the recordings. There is only one release in the group and I provided all the artwork, so I am wanting to learn how to apply all of the detail to the appropriate places. And if additional data is needed, what data, where do you look it up and where to put it.

Hope that makes sense, I can do it as well, but I would prefer to learn from a complete example if you do not mind.

There you go.

There was already a work for “Never as Good”, but I had to create one for “Keep Hanging On”.

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Thanks for that, appreciate it. Question… for track 1, the fact that is extended mix has no difference on being marked as “recording of: Never as Good as the First Time”? Something like remix of, or edit of or anything? Just trying to understand is all.

I see that the release contains really only the copyright, manufacturing, promotion type stuff. Got it. Does the release group ever contain anything other than a reference like an AllMusic or Discogs master release reference?

Conceptually, you can think of the work entity as the sheet music for the song. So any remix or live version (etc.) would be linked to the same work. You’d only create a new work if there were substantial changes to the song, like Elton John’s various re-writes of “Candle in the Wind”.

The release only contains copyright, etc. on this particular release because we really don’t have much information here. Release level information usually includes things that apply for the whole release like mastering and cover art production. Also, we add information at release level when we can’t pinpoint which recordings it applies to. For example, if an album credits 3 session musicians with “Guitars” but doesn’t tell you which songs they played on, we’d add them at release level.

As an example, this album has extensive, specific information in the liner notes:

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Thanks. Your reply answered all of my query.