Returning all Artist-Credits and Artist Aliases for an artist name

I am writing an application to find musicbrainz artist id from artist string [and track name].

To give myself the best opportunity i want to seek an exact match against any of artist credit and artist alias as well as artist name and to have this data included in the response, so that i can find the match within the response (which sometimes will have multiple artist credits or recordings or such).

sometimes the artist alias is the match and sometimes the artist credit and sometimes the artist name

the application prefers /recording (as a match against a track name as well as artist is even more sure) but falls back to /recording with just artist and then to /artist if necessary
using /artist does return aliases but doesnt return artist credits , so not ideal

using /recording returns artist-credits and aliases but if theres is no match against title, then only for 100 results, so chance of missing my artist match is higher.

is there a way of searching that would give me all artist-credits and aliases and artist name in the response when i have both artist and title, and or also when i have just artist…or maybe i have to a better job at finding the information within the response that most closely matches my data rather than looking for an exact match.