Restoring a deleted disc ID

I’ve come across a seemingly-valid disc ID that’s subsequently been deletedmy reading of the edit notes is that @silentbird didn’t notice that the release is a SACD rather than a CD, and so was comparing the track lengths to the wrong maximum. Seeing as @cktse never responded to their request for clarification, I’m not particularly confident we still have access to their disc to regenerate the TOC, but it no longer seems to be in the database. Is there any way of re-linking the disc ID from an archive somewhere?

EDIT: They’ve brought up the point that even given the larger capacity, the tracks are still longer than expected. I’m inclined to trust the TOC anyway. Anyone have further input?

If one still has access to the edit adding (or removing) the disc ID it can be restored from raw edit data. Kudos to @SothoTalKer for this tip.

Simply make a TOC lookup:

Please note disc IDs from SACDs can’t necessarily be trusted: