Resolve Acoustic Id / recording errors lists 6 fingerprints and six recordings. There are at least three different recordings here. Is there any way of telling which recordings gave rise to which fingerprint? Else it looks a mess!

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It’s a mess !!!

see also:!topic/acoustid/w3-7Q63tP4E

It’s not that bad from what I can see.

I think the recording is Bach/Gounod “Ave Maria”.

Looks like the “London Promenade Orchestra, Eric Hammerstein” recording is wrong since that one also has another AcoustID.

Attribution to Schubert is probably just confusing the two common “Ave Maria” works.

Lots of the recordings are on Delta Music labels (Delta, Laserlight Digital, Reader’s Digest – see )

So that leaves the Salzburg Consort (likely Alfred Scholz fake artist) and the additional “unknown” which seems to point to “the ultimate classical collection: 101 essential classics”.

Probably the best option is to try to verify the AcoustIDs on that release and the brasilian release,

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There is another recording of the LaserLight group which looks a bit suspicious to me: Minuet in G major, WoO 10 no. 2
The AR claim that two (!) orchestras performed: Budapesti Vonósok (Budapest String Orchestra) and Nemzeti Filharmonikus Zenekar (Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra).

Checking a few of the cover arts of the related releases, I only see “Budapest Strings” and no conductor (for example here, track 14). As far as I can tell, the conductor of LaserLight recordings of Budapest Strings is always Béla Bánfalvi, so I wonder if two recordings got mixed here, one with Budapest strings, the other one with Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra/Győriványi Ráth György.

Maybe one of the experts wants to have a look?

Going through the long edit history, I see that Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra/Győriványi Ráth György got added by monxton in these edits, based on this release.

Thanks for the info. I believe that the acoustic ids relate to the Bach Gounod ave Maria, and I also believe that they are an organ/trumpet performance. I have found a discography entry for the Brazilian release which confirms the Salzburg consort as you suggest a likely Scholz pseudonym. On the basis of the above I propose to de-link the brazilian recording. It looks likely that the Schubert should be Bach and the lable Laserlight and Delta together with the timing suggest it is the Bach Ave Maria. I was trying to resolve whether trumpeter was Bernard or Berger, now I see that Berger has been wrongly assigned to the second recording - I now feel happy to correct and merge the four recordings.

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I’ve had a look at the Beethoven and am drawn to a comment at " As for the Minuet, it does not sound as if it is by these performers. I strongly suspect Laserlight of including an uncredited performance by the Budapest Strings. " Given the Acoustic id match, and the timing I believe it to be by the Budapest strings

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Thanks for the investigation, that’s an interesting discovery! In the meanwhile, I’ve dropped a question to @monxton on the edits in question, so lets wait a bit before removing those AR.

After this answer of monxton, I’ve now put the removal of the performers “Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra” and “Győriványi Ráth György” to the edit queue. Furthermore, I added an annotation.