Research request - Bill/Tex Davis

The WORKS attributed on

belong to the same person. But I don’t know if the other data on each profile also belongs to the same person - making a merge inappropriate at the moment.

Can I get some people to look into it?




Also, there is

Who I already have a merge in the queue as being a different person. But I don’t know if their work could also be the same person as the person above.

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The first Bill Davis (bass, blues) is not with the other 2 but has the work Crusin’ which belongs with Tex/Bill Davis. I edited the work to move it to Tex Davis AC’ed as Bill Davis. This artist should not be merged, it was created correctly but had the wrong work added.

The last 2 are created as the same artist and should be merged. The 2nd, “Tex Davis”, appears correct. The 3rd, “Bill Davis”, has the release “Kililpi” with 2 songs “Shower Block” and “Kulilaya” performed by Bill Davis which I edited the album to move the songs to the correct Bill Davis (Australia).

I merged Bill into Tex, which is the older and better filled out profile.
And then I renamed it as Bill “Tex” Davis

When all the edits are through could someone with clarity around this check that the remaining Artists have the heck disambiguated out of them?

I am no Bill Davis expert, but that is the plan.