Rerelease in parts

2CD release ( was rereleased as 2 separate CDs, one already existing and the other I’m going to add. How should this situation be handled? Completely new release groups? New releases in the same, original release group, but with less tracks?

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Style / Release Group - MusicBrainz?

What should not be grouped together?

  • A release which combines releases from several other release groups into one new release should be a separate release group. This includes box sets and “2 in 1” releases.

I haven’t seen any indication that the chronologically-opposite version of this wouldn’t still apply.


I did not really understand the first post so I had to have a deeper look to that 2CD release group.

I eventually found an existing release group for that 1CD release, but too late after having created a duplicate.
I am merging them now.

I have also added 2 includes relationships to the 2CD RG.