Requests for Votes Thread

This release has a track with the same ISRC as a previous version but the intro for it is extended so it’s not the same recording (compare the lengths in original recording page)

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I’d like to get eyes on the merges for this release:

It’s a weird mess, but seems clear to me that the track titles (and possibly disc order) are in error. I’ve asked the original editor to provide some sources.

This is for a set of works that I did not know were meant to be the same one back when I first added them:

I wanted to add in the applicable codes from JASRAC, but it may be the case that it could possibly be overridden once the merge is finished.

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Got another set of entries that I would like to fix: - “Kenji Kawai” was misspelled, and so the artist links in each recording were to the wrong page.
Keiji Kawai - MusicBrainz - After the above, I decided to fix the page prior to merging, so that it doesn’t result in a nonexistent typo being an “Alias”. - I created a character page for the character artist since the link still only led to the page of the voice actress.

The release groups of the following two will need to be combined:

But before then, the changes have to go through so that the merge doesn’t encounter any problems (scans are uploaded to show what the changes were based on for each).

@TheFanCon It is also necessary to combine the following “Keiji Kawai” deals, but I will wait to finish the merge process of the artists.

Can someone vote for following edit which adds missing track?
I want to add ISRC to the recording before I forget this.

Edit: @chaban. Thanks for the approval!

Made some changes to the Fire Emblem Engage pseudo-release as some tracks were referring to the wrong recording.


Would be happy about some positive votes to these media splits:

Applied thanks to @HibiscusKazeneko

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I have only one small error to fix here:

EDIT: Thanks @chaban

Made an error with a release group series addition:


I’d be grateful to get some votes here, so I can attach the Disc ID.


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I only recently figured out how to format the name as credited on these to link both the names mentioned:
If it’s ok, can these be looked over, as well as the recording artist edits? I appreciate the help so far.

Seeking votes on these edits:

The above edits correct errors introduced in late 2020 (probably from re-using an earlier release which contains different bonus tracks). Please refer to a scan of the track listing for proof. I own this box set, have listened to the CDs, and confirm this is the correct listing.

Once these edits are approved, I can continue with completing outstanding tasks (AcoustID, ISRC, etc.) relating to those tracks.

Edit: that was very quick action, @chaban! Many thanks :pray:

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If no one votes, will I lose my entered data?


It’s also mentioned in every edit:

If no votes cast: Accept upon closing


This bootleg has a sketchy history that goes all the way back to 2004, and no definitive sources (but it has Disc IDs! and acoustids!). I’ve been trying to sort out which recordings can actually be merged with others in the release group and what’s up with the rest.

I finally realized that it appears to be a CD transfer of the demo cassette called “2nd version” in discogs. I’ve added that release and updated the bootleg accordingly. It’s a bit of a tangle, with merges and recording changes, so I’m just hoping to speed it along before I try to do anything else.

Here’s the edits page.


I’d like some help with this artist merge: Edit #110621471 - MusicBrainz

TL;DR: Artist is now credited by her middle name instead of the first one she used at the beginning of her career to avoid being mistaken for her sister, who’s also a singer and has an almost identical first name.