Requests for Votes Thread

Hello all you nice AE people…

In the next 24 hours the edits I did in that thread should drop into place. There is a longish list of identical changes that were done. Voting is generally positive and the majority seems to be with 3-2 even a 4-2 in places. Other “yes” votes were verbal in the thread from MB staff.

But there may be an issue I need AE help with on Tuesday. Some of these are still sitting on 2-2 due to the length of the list. If those on 2-2 are still like that this time tomorrow then there will be a awkward state of the changes having been half applied to some releases.

Please help me make sure that whatever the majority vote decides is then applied to all these edits in a consistent manner. If the majority of the edits are still in the positive votes then please help by pushing the 2-2 votes up to the same level.

Lets make this “all or nothing” - if that makes sense. Thanks. :slight_smile: