Requests for Votes Thread

hi! this edit sets a precedent for many other labels so i’d like to have as many eyes on it as possible.


Looking for some more eyes on Edit #107566417 - MusicBrainz which is removing a digital download/streaming link without offering any suggestion of where it should instead belong.

Edit #107683585 - MusicBrainz is for correcting a faulty recording merge. Please help shortening the wait.

Edit: Solved, thanks.

Looking for some more eyes on a series of edits being voted against by Antiguastrea:

Per my edit note, in Edit #107647922 - MusicBrainz, I noted that the editor wants to separate Apple Music from YouTube Music. The editor proceeded to combine the YouTube Music links and Apple Music link on the split-off release. Since that contradicts Edit #107606196 - MusicBrainz, I entered edits to remove the links, which they are now voting against for some reason.

Looking for some opinions on how to deal with Edit #107939959 - Edit artist credit

This edit won’t move the credits but just its “clickable area”, but since I didn’t found any rule that describe such situation I don’t know what’s preferred in these cases!

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…because of this discussion:
Release country by rights society
I added/changed release countries to what I see as the primary release country
It’s about a French musician and I’m aware that all his releases were available in France too, but these were also sold in record shops in other European countries. I could add an Austrian release event too, or I could set them all to Europe, but I don’t think, that would be an improvement.

An editor is Simplifying work titles by removing parent work name from child works.
These are not classical works but still, maybe it would be better to keep them… :thinking:

Or maybe this change is great.

I thought now is a chance to discuss a little bit while this is still fresh and pending for the most part, if some editors have more thoughts than me on this:


I don’t have a strong opinion either way too, for now. I hope someone can bring up something pro or con me and probably others have missed regarding this!

The editor is me. :slight_smile: I put my thoughts on another thread to avoid accidentally creating a big discussion on this one. Nobody has seriously complained about these edits, but I am definitely open to the possibility that I missed some obvious flaw, or misread community opinion!


Would you mind to rename this topic?
It’s often difficult to find for me and Request for Votes was more clear, I thought.
It was closed recently but I would have kept that (older and more clear) and closed this one here, instead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Calling auto-mods is not necessarily the most important thing in those requests, I thought.

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It might have to be a bit different, because this thread isn’t for a single request - something like “Requests for Votes Thread”?

If others agree then I can change it, no problem.


I’d love to get this one through quickly: Edit #108357959 - MusicBrainz.

It switches track times of the last two tracks which I’d entered incorrectly based off of the spotify release which has those two tracks the other way around from the vinyl.

(I’d like to sort out the two different recordings of Reproche – would be nice to have correct track times showing when people vote on that.)

Associated edit to remove the spotify link: Edit #108357960 - MusicBrainz

Incidentally, at the risk of taking this off-topic: Is it considered ok to add track durations to a vinyl release based on the associated digital release? It seems like a reasonable assumption that they’d match, absent evidence to the contrary. I guess my ideal solution would be to add the digital release separately to the group, and have the vinyl release show implied track durations if the tracklist doesn’t have them – would that be a reasonable feature?

Might want to start a thread on that, but I would say that times shouldn’t be taken straight from another source. Personally I only add vinyl (or cassette) track times if they are listed somewhere on the artwork. Otherwise I let it be “implied” - I even remove them from discogs imports when I can’t find them on scans.


IMHO, timings should always be taken from the exact release, please leave the durations blank if you don’t know them. And this concerns any medium really, not just vinyl.


Alright, here’s a separate edit that flat removes the track durations. Edit #108384926 - MusicBrainz Let’s see which one wins :smiley:

(I’d still like input on what you all think on displaying implied track durations on durationless releases, best over here Track durations for vinyl releases - #2 by IvanDobsky)

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What’s the official policy of MB, do we remove tittles such as “Rabbi” from a Artist name?

I cleaned up a bad recording merge on Elvis, but the performance relationships are still merged together if anyone wants to take a look at correcting them.

Bad merge / mixed recording:
New correct target for “Just Because”: Recording “Just Because” by Elvis Presley - MusicBrainz

In general it’s all based on credits - if a performer doesn’t include their title on album credits, then it shouldn’t be part of their entry name. Unfortunately I can’t read Hebrew (I could ask my wife, but she’s a bit rusty :sweat_smile: ) so I can’t say for certain what’s on that cassette.

Maybe add an alias with Rabbi or work it into the disambiguation?


Asking for help for these remove relationship edits:

Context: on the thread I have found a very weird series it was decided to remove all those off-topic artist series such as “death by…”, “arrested for…”, “studied at…”, etc. which indeed have been already successfully removed by other editors; comprehensibly only original creator is/was downvoting them.

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Need some votes to clean up an artist credit.