Requests for help with a foreign language

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Need a little help with a language that is foreign to you?
It can happen.
Maybe this thread can help the literate meet the illiterate and keep things rolling?

Please post your requests for help here.
And if you can assist by directing someone towards help please do that too.


I’m editing around Paul Robeson’s Moscow concert in 1958.
And have three old releases with cover art in Russian/Cyrillic.

Any assistance would be appreciated: Names of the 3 releases would be great.

From there if you are interested in more - track titles and sorting out the correct name of the “Melody Torch” label.

Sample of CA

The title should probably be “Поль Робсон в Москве” or “Поль Робсон в Москве (1958 г.)”.

The track titles seem to be in English anyway, so I’d stick to that.

The logo took a while longer, but it turns out it’s the stuff written on the top of the record (мособлсовнархоз рсфср алгелевский завод грампластинок):Апрелевский_завод_грампластинок / (see the logo in the Romanian page). So, this MB label.

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Russia: The Classical Revelation release has front CA release tittle in Cyrillic. CSG makes this the release title.

Have used online onscreen Cyrillic keyboard to get to
Further contortions suggests “discovered - обнаруженный, открытый”.
Good enough to use
Release tittle = открытйе
Disambig = (Russian classical discoveries)

I have added a Spanish language album. I have edited it as far as I can go but if any one who is fluent in it would like to check it out and make corrections, it has all the cover art uploaded. It is the first album of a well known singer but having trouble finding anything about it. It is not listed in discogs and only mentioned on the singer wikipedia page.

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