Request: Userscript for adding lyrics to works from release page

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It would be great to have a userscript to improve the adding of lyric sites to works.

Maybe a way to show, edit and add External Links directly from the release page (for recordings that have a relationship to a works).

It should as well be MusicBrainz server’s relationship editor that would allow adding URL relationships. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but I don’t see it.

However, if I understand the tickets correctly, it’s for added urls that already have a MBID that the “new” urls usually do not have.

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But personally I always use the work editor (with a work importer or without) to edit everything together including URL, attribute, etc.
I just use release editor to (un)link or for brand new albums also when I only take credits from booklet and have nothing else to add.

Indeed the second ticket is irrelevant.
The first ticket however is about what you asked I think.
But the comments it contains convinced me it would not really worth the pain of developing URL management in release editor as well.