Request Timeout for Antonio Pappano

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I tried to see Antonio Pappano page below, but the request timed out.

I tried from two different windows10 PC, both failed. I can see other musicbrainz pages.
Is this server issue or my environment issue?



Happens when I try also.

Same here.
Its release group (Artist Overview / Main / Home page) is too long to load and it fails.
You can load the Releases page very quickly, though.

I also cannot set area Gütersloh in relationship editor: Stuck in “Transferring data from…”, system then says “Done” but has my [Done] button greyed out.

Edit: This is some Pale Moon glitch. It will not set areas, mostly beginning with ‘G’ in relationship editor. By choosing area first, then relationship type, the [Done] button is enabled; but when pressed, the relationship is not added, as if cancelled.

Tried to load it locally, found it is connected to MBS-11438. So @Bitmap is already looking into fixing that for May, but we should see if we can improve it in the meantime so that this doesn’t fail to load completely, I guess.


Maybe the same issue: I tried repeatedly over the last few days to access the multi-disc release “Great Opera” from here to no avail, getting also a timeout notice

I think the Great Opera issue is somewhat different. That has 10 discs and a lot of rels, so it’s just below the limit where we would load each disc only on request. I think that’s causing it to time out.

I have one more, can’t open it. Philippe Herreweghe.