Request for votes

Could I get some yes votes on ?

I’ve got someone voting no on the removal of an old cover photo even though he voted yes on the addition of the new one. I took both photos and the new one has better color balance. I’m not sure he really understands what I’m trying to do and he refuses to say why he thinks there should be two front cover photos on this release.

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Thanks, guys. I didn’t think taping a piece of paper to the wall would produce such a controversy. :slight_smile:

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Hello voters,
I would need some additional reviewers — and eventually a missing yes vote if you agree with my release event edit:

Europe 2013-09-02 → 2013
France 2013-09-16

  1. A release date was set to this release as Worldwide 2013-09-02, citing (without linking) a UK Amazon page.
  2. Then it was changed as WorldwideEurope 2013-09-02, referencing a USA Amazon import page.
  3. Unaware of this history, I came in with my release in hands and spotted a problem with release event and removed the European date (can’t be released same day throughout all European countries) and set my French release date by referencing a cross‐checking website duet (this edit in question).

Maybe 2013-09-02 is the UK release date.
I think maybe but it’s not my problem, I’m just editing what I have in hands, removing mistake from Europe. If later additional UK release event is added, I’m happy but it would not be my job.

Same question here, could you vote for my changes to clean the mess

Sorry @kellogsbrainz, I didn’t know enough at all to understand those edits, that are now hopefully applied, anyway. :slight_smile:

I come back to this topic as I got a no voter who didn’t comment their vote and who doesn’t seem to be replying to my questions after 24 hours.

I will wait a little bit more as I myself don’t read my emails everyday but I would certainly feel relieved if I could stop checking the status of those 5 edits every now and then, if I could get a second yes vote by someone who agrees with my edits:

Replacing, in a Japanese release, FULLWIDTH TILDE (incorrect match for JIS’ nami dash) by WAVE DASH, member of Chinese Japanese Korean (CJK) Punctuation unicode block and correct match for their usual nami dash JIS punctuation 波ダッシュ.

Search for five edits voted “no” by ____, created by me on 2017-02-20


Thanks for your vote @221bbs and thanks @otters61 for your vote before request. :slight_smile:
Still no news from @Jevo.

Sorry, but I had not checked my email. I have added a note explaining why I voted no.

Hi @Jevo, great to see you do receive your e-mails and review them. :slight_smile:

Hello again. :slight_smile:

I have a TYPEWRITER APOSTROPHE to APOSTROPHE edit that was no voted and would be thankful to receive more reviews:

Edit #44265456 - MusicBrainz
Girl’s DayGirl’s Day

I have an edit that was downvoted because I decapitalized the extra title information on the tracks (Aviators Remix -> Aviators remix) – their argument is that the official tracklist has the words capitalized, but they haven’t yet responded to me pointing out that the style guide recommends against title case. Unless that part of the guidelines is out of date, mind tossing a couple “Yes” votes that way to help the edit pass?

Could I get a second opinion on this edit please. I’m pretty sure there is a strong case for the edit, but I am interested in what others have to say.

vs” vs. "vs."
Hi y’all. Could I have some feedback on this edit please.
I’m pretty certain it’s a typo or missing the dot. The back cover seems to be nowhere found and lacking this I guess it’s up to terms of consistency and taste in unlocking the dispute.

Here’s another dispute edit
"Runnin’ by Doman & Gooding feat. Dru" <- I always see this track having an apostrophe (and performing a search in Db confirms this), and again not having a back cover to justify one case or the other, what should be the case here?
Ohh, also the negative vote on the medium here

Last request of the day:
Medium title 1
Medium title 2
Medium title 3
Thanks guys :wink:

Both are perfectly acceptable - one is more commonly British and one American. If you don’t have the cover and as such no proof that it’s not as printed, why change it? This applies to most of the stuff you’ve asked about, really.


I’d like to request some additional votes for Inspired

Edit #45932094
Edit #45932093
Edit #45932092

This involves a digital release, with unmixed tracks and some continuous mixed (DJ-mixed) tracks. I’m trying to set the artist from Various Artists to the DJ-mixer, Tommy Trash.

culinko has started a thread based on this request:

I could use some feedback on

The point of contention is that I’m removing the release event “Japan, 2005” from a pseudo-release. It’s my understanding that pseudo-releases shouldn’t be tied to any specific release.

Please weigh in yay or nay.

I wonder, should this topic be merged into Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread ?


can i get some votes on this?

i’m trying to add the barcode which i used this link to extract from spotify, but i was voted down before i could explain myself (which i should’ve did from the start…)
now that i did i’m not getting any replies… :frowning:

It looks like your edit note sent other editors to 7 webpages looking for a barcode that wasn’t on any of them.
That takes some chutzpah!

Can I ask for your votes on It might be the addition of a home-made release. However, I am not sure - that’s why I am asking for your voice.

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