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Hi Fellas,

Could I please get some votes on so I can attach the DiscID? I had an extra track by mistake.





Thank you for contributing to MusicBrainz. I would probably never contribute this Release, so I’m glad that you are.

That said,

First, be aware that not only men contribute to MusicBrainz. Women contribute also. It’s considerate to address everybody.

It’s hard for me to vote on this release without either evidence that it’s correct or assurance from you that you are working from physical evidence.

Your edit note doesn’t say your source of information for this edit. Do you have the physical Release in your hand? Do you know of any web page that confirms the track list for CD 2? I see, which confirms the Release has 2 CDs, but does not give the track lists.

Do you know about using Picard to add a Release via DiscID? With this method, the DiscID prompts the MusicBrainz editor to give the correct number of tracks and the correct track times, leaving you to fill in the track titles and track artists. Then, when the edit is saved, the DiscID is also attached. If you have the physical CD in your hand, maybe that is a useful way to go. It’s how I add Releases which I have in my hand.


Hi Jim,

Apologies for the inappropriate address. English not being my native language, I didn’t realize “fellas” was male only. Thanks for pointing this out to me and helping me improve.

Good points about evidence of my submission, and I hope I could answer these questions.

As for Picard to add DiscID’s, this is how I did, but, as far as I know, you can only submit one ID for any new submission. So if a release has two CD’s (or more), you can submit a 1st DiscID with the new release, but for the other CD’s, you’ll have to create the track listing, then the other DiscID’s in separate submissions. Or am I missing a trick?

Thanks again!


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  • The best way (IMO as it’s what I do) is to submit each medium from its disc id.
  • That makes one release per medium.
  • Then merge medium into one release.


Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile: