Request for Comments: Lulz A Corruption of LOL

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I’m working on updating the info for the album series Lulz A Corruption of LOL. I just added the fifth album, with Bibliotheca Anonoma as my source.

I had some doubts with the artist of “ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH”. To me, that sounds like an original work of someone on 4chan, but bibanon credits it to Iwasaki Taku, a professional Japanese composer. I suspect that the song is based on one of his instrumentals, so this warrants further investigation.

Also, do you believe it’d be appropriate to change to the album artist to, since that is the community that arranged these albums? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

Thank you very much.


Looks like it is the ‘official’ song from the Gurren Lagan soundtrack, and not a fan edit:’s_Soul
I definitely see why it looks that way though… an eclectic mix of opera and rap? Pretty amazing!

That’s not really how we use the artist credit fields, and wouldn’t be what most users would expect.
You could go into the relationships editor (bottom right), and then add a new artist ‘’ as the ‘compiler’? Someone correct me if I’m wrong but that seems correct.
Otherwise you can use collections or tags if your goal is to try and group similar releases together/ get a /mu discography of some sort going.

Hope that helps!


Wow, thank you very much!

Also, do you think this should be split up into different albums? These weren’t released all at once or anything. Also, I can’t seem to add the addition album art otherwise.


Hmm, looking at your source it does look like those should be separate albums, with their own release dates and covers.

With a naming format like:
Lulz: a Corruption of LOL: #VIII Memetology

Musicbrainz adds music based on how it was released - so if these albums were released for download on separate occasions and dates, they should be added as separate ‘releases’.
If they were later released again, in a single package, then you can always add them all again as a compilation.


Keep in mind you can also link the separate releases (or, preferably here, release groups) with an actual Series. :slight_smile:



Also, could you please vote on the Title change and the removal of the mediums on the first one? It won’t really “fit” into the series format until that’s fixed.


You shouldn’t modify a release title to fit something else.
It should only reflect the release itself. :slight_smile: