Request for ability to search in subscribed Collections

Here’s a feature I’ve found myself wishing for:

When I open “Edits on Subscribed Entities,” I frequently want to look at edits of a certain type, and would like to be able to filter out edit types that I don’t want to see right now. But the “Refine this search” link is not present on this page, and the “Search Edits” page doesn’t have any Condition choices related to my subscriptions. So for example, I’d like to be able to search for “'Add Cover Art” edits for my subscribed entities."

I’m thinking there could be a new Search Condition called “Subset” (or some appropriate name), operator (is/is not), with values of “Subscribed Entities, Subscribed Editors.”


You can already do this - if you add an “Artist” filter to a search, you can select the filter type from the second dropdown, which offers you a “is in my subscriptions” option.

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Thanks, I didn’t know that. However, that only works if I subscribed to Artists. In my case, I am subscribed to my Collections, and a search using that filter finds nothing. The “is in my subscriptions” option isn’t available in filters for Release, Work, Label, etc.

But at least we know the concept is not a new one. It just needs (or, I would like it) to be expanded to entities other than Artist.

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It is available for Labels, and we can’t subscribe to entities like releases or works.

But you are definitely right in that collections are not available, and that this is rather obscure and hard to find.

Ah, ok, bad assumption on my part, I just listed a bunch of entities. Subscribing to those might not be all that useful.

As evidenced by the fact that I didn’t. :smiley:

I guess it’s this feature request:

It’s the 66th ex aequo in the top 5+ voted tickets. :wink:

I’m not sure if the ticket will fix what I’d like to see. I want to be able to quickly see all edits that I didn’t make in my collection’s subscriptions. I add any release I edit, so that I don’t necessarily have to subscribe to an artist and see all of their releases, to a “releases I’ve edited” collection. I want to see edits to my collection, but I cannot exclude me like you can on all other edit searches. I only want to see edits by other editors to releases in my subscriptions. Right now I can only see all edits to my collections or all open edits to my subscription without any options of narrowing the edit list. I’d like to be able to see all applied edits (not by me) to my collections since the last time I looked at them.

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It’s the exact purpose of this ticket.
You will be able to make such a search (the example from the ticket):

  • Created after 2 months ago (manually set a date to check only from where you stopped checking last time)
  • Editor is not me
  • Voter is me and voted: No vote
  • In my subscriptions (the only missing criteria for super effective reviewer search)
  • Status is Open, Applied (ignoring noise edits that will never apply)
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I wasn’t sure. Thanks for clarifying. I guess I was confused by the edit is NOT in my subscriptions part. I’m subscribed to the collection and want to see edits to that, but just not by me. I guess the brackets around it means it would be like a toggle?

Yes it meant optional checkbox “NOT”. :slight_smile:
Like for some other search conditions.

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