Request: Disc number optional

I would like to submit a request for a new option for future versions of Picard:

When only one medium exists, I would like to omit tags for DISC NUMBER and TOTAL DISCS. IMHO for a single disc I don’t need to tag the number “1” as I feel it is implied.

Making this optional in settings would be appreciated.

That should be something a script can easily achieve for you.

Go to Options > Scripting, and try this:


Beautiful in its simplicity there @Kid_Devine :partying_face:

@Jorgosch this example shows you don’t need to wait for a Picard dev to add a rare feature. So much can be added yourself thanks to tricks like this. Though to truly get this one to work as you need you’ll want to also have the “clear existing tags” tickbox ticked so as not to keep the old values of these tags.