Remove disc number tag

Is it possible to have picard only tag the disc numbers of an album if there is more than one disc?

thanks for the help.

Maybe with this script:

Disc number only on multi-disc releases

Use the following snippet to insert the disc number in the new path if the release contains more than 1 medium.

$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),Disc $num(%discnumber%,2))


That won’t remove the tag though, just change the file naming (though @Smeele would probably want that too).

You could try adding $if($eq(%totaldiscs%,1),$unset(discnumber)) to Options → Options… → Advanced → Scripting. I think that should work, but let me know if it doesn’t.


didn’t work unfortunately.

If you tell us what exactly do you need, maybe we can help you.
a) Do you talk about tags (inside your music files) only?
b) Do you talk about file naming (visible in file explorer or file system)?

It would be helpful, if you would give us an example what do you expect as result.

I just tested it here, and the disc number is removed on my end. Though the tag itself is still displayed in my music player because it is a standard mp3 tag (the tag itself is empty). In addition to @InvisibleMan78’s questions, what is the file type of the files you are tagging?

Hey guys, I booted my computer up to today and tried again and it is working now! I’m not sure why that needed to happen as I tried restarting the program and refreshing the releases to no avail. Anyway it’s all good now thanks for the help.

Also just for the record yes I was asking in regards to tagger script. As for file naming script I actually could use some help recreating my formatting script from foobar.

this is what I am trying to recreate in musicbrainz. I would like it so that if there isn’t an album artist it becomes artist, and if there isn’t an original year value it becomes year (only 4 digits).

/%album artist%/’(’$cut(%originalyear%,4)’)’ %album%/[%discnumber%].%tracknumber%. %Title%