[request] a userscript for adding work aliases from track titles


I’m looking for a userscript to add work aliases based on a track list. the particular use cases I’m looking at are for:

  • video game soundtracks: often these will have releases (official or not) in multiple languages, and I’d like to be able to easily add these alternate-language/script titles as work aliases. example release
  • anime soundtracks: similar to the above, but often there’s translations and transliterations for the individual works on pseudo-releases. example release

particular options I’d be looking for would be the ability to either use the release language or manually set a different language for each alias, and the option to manually set aliases as the primary alias for a locale or not (i.e. depending on whether a release is official or not, but I don’t think it should be automatic, as there might only be bootlegs with titles from an official source)


It seems to be a feature that could be directly implemented in the MusicBrainz Server since the release relationship editor has already been converted to React.js (and userscripts are just written in JavaScript too). Tickets and patches are welcome!


that would be welcome too~ making it easier to add aliases is a great thing in my mind~ I’ll try and make a ticket for it~

If it’s for search hints, I find it better that track titles are indexed in recording and work searches.

wasn’t sure how to categorize it, but I finally made that ticket, lol

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