Replace Artist Role userscript

Is anyone else having trouble with @loujin’s “replace artist role” userscript? I’ve used it extensively in the past to bulk convert “membranophone” to “drums”, but since I’ve moved to a new computer (or possibly sometime before then) it does nothing when I click the ‘Apply’ button.

I’m using tampermonkey 4.19, Chrome, Windows 11.

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Hasn’t worked for me in over a year.


same problem for a long time
tampermonkey 4.19, Windows 11 Pro for Workstations, Firefox

Same here … also othere ones from @loujin have problems since the react update I think

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I have never got that one to work. Always needed to do the mebranophone to drums fixes by hand.

Other scripts, like the set date one, have to be the first thing you run when you go into the Edit Relationships page.

FYI I found a fix that seems to work. If you’re comfortable editing userscripts locally, you can simply replace “” with “typeID” in three places.

It looks like @loujin has not been active on github since March, though, so an official fix may not be coming for a while.


If you’ve already (kind of) fixed the issue, you could open a pull request on GitHub. Even if it is not going to be merged immediately (and/or as-is), others can still install or copy your patched version from there.

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I don’t have write permission to the repo. I thought about creating a fork, but that seems like overkill for a small change to one script.

@highstrung 's suggestion did the trick. I tested, but did not apply, edits on this release and it worked as expected — please give it a shot on releases you’re editing and let me know if it works! My fork of the script is here (hit “Raw” and your browser should do the rest), and I made a pull request against loujine’s repo here.