Removing a work

I don’t see an option to remove a work. I guess there should be some reason for this. How invalid works are supposed to be removed though?

By invalid I mean something that is not a work and was entered erroneously. For example, recently I created a work based on the track title and soon realized there is no such work and what I entered is a generic name for a type of works. This is my mistake and that piece of information should not be kept.


If an entity (including a work) doesn’t have any relationships, it is automatically removed after a while. So if you are sure that the work doesn’t exist, you can just remove all relationships to it. Of course if a work is a duplicate, it should be merged instead of deleted.


Yes, the work must have no relationships and no open edits.
Once this is true, there will be a banner saying the work will disappear several days before it disappears effectively.