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Goodmorning everyone. Help me, I can’t remove one released from a group of the same name. The group in question is “scacciapensieri”, Mistero della Fede" album was erroneously attributed to a Swiss group, while it belongs to an Italian group.
The correct group is “Scacciapensieri (Peter Punk)” I made the change correctly, see changes history, but the database is not updated

Direct link to the wrong group

you should include a link to make it easier for people to help you as well as links to the info next time :slight_smile:

have you tried changing the Release Group here? if you have go and look for my data next to you name then go to my open edits and see if you have an eddit in there for it if so all you have to do is wait if not change the Release Group then go across to eddit note make shure you proved any link used for the edit and and any other info you think could be usefull to other editers then hit enter eddit if that doues not work let us know what you tryed and we can go from there


Your edit is simply in the voting process as you can see by the brownish highlight on the release group. When an edit is in the voting period, other editors can vote whether the edit is correct or not. It takes 7 days for the voting period to end unless there are three or more unanimous yes votes, then it will be accepted at a shorter time. After seven days, the edit will be accepted if there are no votes or the yes votes exceeds the no votes. Your best action for now is to just be patient and ask for other editors to vote on your edits. Like st3v3p said above, you should put an edit note explaining what changes you made so that other editors in the future know why that edit was made in the first place. You can still add the notes to your edits now if you want.


Jeluang im still fairly new to this as well and it will help iguru66 is there a way to see the open edits for something such as a reales if more the on person has an open eddit for it?

On an entity page under the “Heading” header on the right side of the screen, there should be an “Open edits” which you can click (or tap if you’re on mobile) to see every pending edits related to the entity which you can vote for, against, or even abstain.


And welcome to MusicBrainz.:wave: Hope you’ll enjoy your time getting sucked in a rabbit hole with editing the entities on this website. :laughing:


i already know about the rabbit hole here is one for you most Labels all come under 3 major ones if you are willing to follow them up the tree of who owns who. and thanks for the links


Ok thanks for the advice, I proceeded to add it