Remove lower quality cover

I uploaded better quality cover art than what MB had before. Should I remove the lower quality images?

The release is

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There is a strange thing over there, there are 2 different Front images.

Only the part of the packaging that is visible from the outside, before opening it, can be treated as Front, Back and Spine.

Not things that are inside and invisible before opening.

It’s a box set with each disc having its own front and back covers.

There’s also images of the front of each disc with and without the jewel case.

It’s fine to remove the lower quality images. I suggest leaving an edit note along the lines of “Replaced with higher resolution version”.

It’s not a bad idea to add a comment on the outer front/back cover of a boxed set indicating it’s the front of the outer box or slipcover. I see you did use the comment field for individual disc front/back which is good.

The URL you added in the edit notes doesn’t work for me - it only shows one small thumbnail image.


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Yes, please remove lower resolution images that you have replaced with better versions (as long as the lower res images aren’t displaying anything that the better images aren’t).

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Fixed, thanks (clicked copy image address instead of link address)