Removal of Releases

Hi There,
I know Musicbrainz does not entertain data removal policy but can this following releases be please removed from MusicBrainz as this releases were added for a limited time period to check the Music Distribution services and were later removed from all DSP’s.They were not even a proper master release to be listened by the people.Both the artist and releases are no more existing in DSP’s.The artist is renamed as Restrix and has started making music newly.Hence can this releases be removed from Musicbrainz database.Next time,this mistakes will not be repeated.A release will not be added if its a test release to check the distribution services.Even i have emailed to the musicbrainz support but all in vain.

The release links are:-

Dark Side EP:-

Dark Side(Extra Edition):-

I still see the second one on Spotify. Do you just need the artist name updated?

It existed, even for a short time, so MB documents it as someone will have it in their colleciton. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think those should be removed. They had been properly released and people were even able to both stream them and get them on Google Play.

I think you should just live with the fact that you released this music, even if you are, for whatever reason, now unhappy about it :slight_smile: