"Remaster" with new ISRC's in same release group or different?

Hi all,

I have found a case of an artist remastering their album but changing the actual recordings significantly enough that I’m unsure of how to go about organizing their data. Their remaster has new instrument tracks and are sort of updated takes on their original recordings. In this case, should the album go under the original release group with the “remastered” disambiguation or should it be a separate release group entirely?

Appreciate any insight. Thank you.

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Does it still have the original recordings as well? Then it’s still the same release group. If a recording has new parts added to the mix, i.e. new instrument parts, it’s not a remaster, but a remix. Don’t use remastered disambiguation, use remix. This way someone won’t come behind after and merge the recordings into the originals. We don’t separate remastered recordings, but we do separate remixes. As far as your other question, they are usually with the original if it’s just updating (i.e. Beatles or Pink Floyd, etc. 2019 remix, etc.), even if the originals aren’t there, but it can have it’s own release group if you feel it’s significant enough to warrant it.

Sometimes they call remixes “remasters”. A true remaster is usually identical but cleaned up or volume adjusted, etc., but the recording is the same. If they are altering the recording by adding or removing something, it’s technically a remix.


Thank you for the insight. I should have mentioned this before, not sure how it slipped past me, but, the official name of the album has “(Remastered)” in it. So, even though it may not technically be a remaster in the traditional sense, that is part of the title the artist gave it.

At this point, I think a separate release group would make the most sense. What do you think about using the official name, e.g. “<Album Name (Remaster)>” with the disambiguation " remix"?

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If “remastered” is actually printed on the cover art, than yes, it goes in the title as ETI. However, if a recording is different than add remix as disambiguation so that the recording won’t be merged into the original.


Perfect, thanks a ton for your advice.