Releases without tracklist and Big Finish Productions

So I’m looking at my Big Finish released (yes I’m a Doctor Who fan) and found entries which state “This is the CD release of the recording, requires to be resolved for proper release format information”

Given I have the actual CDs and so have the proper track listing; can upload disc ID, etc. is there any reason I can’t provide the details.

For eg. in the case of the listing is simply (assuming we follow the audiobook guidelines):

  1. Weapon of Choice, Part 1
  2. Weapon of Choice, Part 2
  3. Weapon of Choice, Part 3
  4. Weapon of Choice, Part 4
  5. Weapon of Choice, Part 5
  6. Weapon of Choice, Part 6
  7. Weapon of Choice, Part 7
  8. Weapon of Choice, Part 8
  9. Weapon of Choice, Part 9
  10. Weapon of Choice, Part 10
  11. Weapon of Choice, Part 11
  12. Weapon of Choice, Part 12
  13. Coming soon… Galifrey: Square One

There is then the question of credited artist. I think the whole list of performers ( by Alan Barnes, Lalla Ward, Louise Jameson, Hugo Myatt, Seán Carlsen, John Leeson, Trevor Littledale, Miles Richardson, Daniel Hogarth, Andy Coleman, Stephen Mansfield, Lynda Bellingham & Helen Goldwyn) shown on this release is a bad way to go. Surely the author / writer of the piece as the artist and the performers added as relationships would be better?

In the case of Big Finish; the release (group?) title needs to show the release number … e.g. in this case Galifrey: 1.1 Weapon of Choice

Any thoughts?

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You got the point, just go ahead and add as much data as you can/want, the original editor did not have access to this kind of information and left it empty for future editors to complete.

There is already a (long but interesting) discussion about entering audio dramas into the database, it even mentions the examples you are now interested in:

TL;DR: Use relationships for all people involved in the audio drama, the AC should include only the most important artists while staying close to the credits on the (front) cover. These are usually the writers, maybe also some important actors… At this point the interpretation of style guidelines and people’s opinions begin to diverge :wink:

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You can absolutely provide the details. (That’s why they’re there)

Audio dramas currently doesn’t have a specific style guide. I would agree when it were an audiobook, but with audio dramas the actors are also immensely important - just like with movies. With- or without someone has a problem. There was a huge thread about this when I cleaned up and completed Big Finish: How to enter an audio drama into the database the best?