Releases with identical content

I just added stuff for the first of these releases. What’s the best way to copy info to another release with identical tracklisting?


Probably use “Add release” from release group level.

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But that’s for new releases. What about editing the existing ones?
I am glad MB does not have all 59 releases of Remember The Future!

If you are ready to get your head around Scripts, then you can add the “Release Cloner” script to your web browser and clone them that way.

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It depends on what stuff you just added.

If you added release-level relationships, there’s no simple way to copy those to another release.

If you added recording-level relationships, they will carry over to any other releases that share those same recordings, which should be the case for releases with an identical tracklist. (However, that doesn’t apply when one recording is an edit or compilation of another; in that case things like performer credits need to be duplicated on both recordings.)


Thanks for the explanation. It is about recording-level relations, but the release-recording relation is wrong, so I’ll have to merge a lot of recordings one by one.

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@jesus2099 has written a userscript that is very helpful for merging all recordings from releases with identical tracklists.