Releases gone missing, why?

After cleaning up/entering 1200+ disc I’ve been on a break. Came back today for a general purpose update on my collection, and notice that two of discs have gone missing.
Any idea why this would be, or where I could go looking for a reason?
I can find the entry where I’ve created one, but the release(s) has been deleted, and I would love to know why. - Release Id 2e3f0d24-e2dd-4f15-8010-72fb99852d29

The other one I can’t in my own edits, but it is - T.Rex Release Id dc94d07e-f995-4ce6-830e-afa5687244c5

I don’t want to re-create them if they have been deleted for a reason. On the other hand, I have the releases on my NAS so there is no reason for them not to be on MB :slight_smile:

Here’s the edit that removed your release. Like @drsaunde said, there is practically no evidence of this release even existing, and “having flacified it at some point but I can”t find the disc” doesn’t inspire much confidence either.

I figured the reasoning would be something like that. I have however found out that it is a release my parents have. So I’ll re-enter it when I have the cover in my hand.

But how did you find that specific edit? When starting from my original edit it the link to the release is dead. I also need to find out why the t. rex release has gone missing, and could perhaps use the same method.

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I went to Bob Marley, then all edits and simply looked in the page for the word “remove”, going through the pages until I found the correct one. You can also use this tool, though I always forget about it until it is too late.


Excellent, thank you :smile:
Found the problem here The id I have as a release has been deleted as a duplicate, but there is no link to the duplicate :frowning:

Is it this one?

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You might very well be my new best friend :smiley:

It’s a shame, this should really have been a merge, not a release. I did not know that remove edits are going through without votes now.


All edits go through after X days (currently 7) if they don’t get any votes. It has been this way for as long as I have been here (11+ years), so I’m not sure what you mean with the “now”. There’s nothing new about this behaviour.