Releases from La souterraine

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In the last years I have added to Musicbrainz many releases of the label La souterraine (Canada, francophone pop/experimental music). This label releases many single-artist albums and compilations for free/name your price on Bandcamp.

I am not going to add any more of their releases, but I suppose that some of you may be interested in continuing this work, so here is some info:

  • Label website:
  • Releases can be easily imported with Murdos’ userscripts for Bandcamp.
  • On average 75% of the artists are not in Musicbrainz.
  • There is backlog of about 100 releases (mostly LPs and compilations, some EPs).
  • Most releases have a code such as STRN-nnn.

Because many artists are not in the DB, adding a release requires a bit of effort and research. The reward is discovering some obscure gems. Oh, and helping MusicBrainz. :wink:


:thinking: It’s set as Paris, France in MB. :slight_smile: