"Released in" country which is not in the list and ceased to exist


The list of countries available when entering a new release contains some countries which cease to exist, such as the Soviet Union, but not all of them. In particular, there is no German Democratic Republic in the list. The list contains “Germany”, but this is ambiguous for a release published in 1987.

What is the recommended policy in such case: to keep the field empty, or to enter the best available match, that is, just “Germany” in my case?


It is a bit technical, but since the modern Germany is the legal successor to West-Germany, they are the same entity (and share an ISO code I believe). So you should enter releases from West-Germany under Germany, though I am not sure about the Soviet Union. See also STYLE-831.

How to enter releases from countries that no longer exist?

East Germany is in the list, use this.