Release title in all caps?


The new live album from The War On Drugs is styled “LIVE DRUGS” on the cover ( When I added the release I entered it as “Live Drugs”, as I thought that matched the title style guidelines better ( An edit has been created to change it back to “LIVE DRUGS” - As stated in the comment for the edit, it is styled this way on all the marketing material as well as the cover, but I don’t see any reference to using that a basis for deciding what capitalisation should used.

So, MusicBrainz community, which is correct - “LIVE DRUGS” or “Live Drugs”?


I don’t think there is enough evidence to invoke Artist Intent. The editors of wikipedia (english, german) see it alike and have normalized to “Live Drugs”. We should do the same

Since iTunes, Spotify & Deezer all have it in all caps, this typically indicates how the artist wants it. It’s actually against iTunes policy to have titles in all caps, so when you do, it’s most of the time what the artist wants. I’d leave it personally.


All titles on Wikipedia are title case, no matter artist intent. This is why sometimes you see “stylized as” after the title.

There website has it in all caps. It’s artist intent.

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Poor source: They also have all caps for GRAMMY and HERE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It takes some effort to standardise the title everywhere. e.g. on the print album, website, digital distribution. So it does seem like artist intent*.

*I haven’t checked if they do use it everywhere

I notice that on Discogs the original Promo is in Mixed Case:

Personally I always find these kinds of things a little daft. Yeah, they may be mimicking a neon sign… but all of the album is in BIG SHOUTY CAPITALS SO WHY ARE PEOPLE NOT DEMANDING ALL THE TRACKS BECOME SHOUTY CAPITALS CASE.

Yeah - I vote “sensible mixed case”.

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I’d say that the artist’s website makes it pretty clear that all caps album title was intentional. I would think it’s a little disrespectful to ignore that.

The track titles are in all caps on the back cover, true. But the guidelines address that specifically, and, again, the band’s website shows track titles in Title Case, so there’s evidence that the artist’s intent does not include all cap track titles.

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If you go to the edit posted above ( it shows so many sources that show intent. So are we going to go to go and edit every Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, all trap rappers, etc because we don’t have a direct statement of intent from all these artist?

Yes. I think we need to force them all to sit an English Language qualification and writ proper English like wot we do. And sue them all for the mental damage being caused by those of us with levels of OCD who see the damage being done to the language. (This post may be a joke :rofl:)

The problem with the Interwebs is you can always Google search “proof” for both sides of any argument. There is no such thing as “correct” - just arguments and opinions between editors.


It’s true! I saw it on the internet!!!

Actually, that can be a factually true statement. They did -see- -it- on the internet.

Now whether the content of what they saw is true, that’s another matter.

So, who are you to say that they didn’t see that somewhere? :sunglasses:

On that note, does the album sort title exist, perhaps something could be decided on to use that field for artist intent as well. That way you can maintain a consistent format for the titles.


Thanks everyone. Feels like “LIVE DRUGS” is correct here, so I shall upvote the edit, and try and get it right next time I add something!


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