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When entering bootleg releases, the External Links options are insufficient. E.g., this release is from Lossless Legs/, but it is incorrect to say that it can be downloaded there as there is no actual music there, only sources for .torrents. This is compared to e.g., which has music for streaming and downloading including via bittorrent (e.g. this .torrent). In this last case, does supply options for stream for free/download for free/.torrent source.


  • .torrent source
  • bittorrent source
  • bittorrent library
  • .torrent site
  • .torrent repository
  • .torrent collection
  • peer-to-peer sharing site
  • other appropriate language, etc.,

do not exist as a choice for External link as no appropriate selection is available for bootlegs whose source is primarily peer-to-peer bittorrent sharing.

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Is this splitting hairs?

Linking to a forum post that contains a link to a Mediafire download is fine for a ‘download for free’ link imo. But it is also one step removed - the forum doesn’t host the content. Similarly in this case the website doesn’t host the content, but it provides the link to download for free. Personally I’m fine with these cases being under ‘download for free’.