Release naming protocol

I’ve read guidelines for releases but I still have questions. (imagine that) lol For example, the release [Rockin’ Robin]. Its been around for decades and I’ve seen many editors name it a half dozen different ways. Currently for example has [Rock-In Robin] because that is how it is listed on the CA.

So, as a rule, for older releases should the release title be:

As shown on the specific cover art?
As it was originally composed and or published?
As originally released?
As most commonly known as?
None of the above?
All of the above with exceptions?  🤔

Should the recording always be the most common
spelling/variant/whatever, and should the track (in the track list) follow
the cover art?

I’m a bit confused, are you talking about releases or recordings here?

Generally I’d say release and track titles should follow the way it is written on that release (+tweaks according to the style guide if applicable). Recording titles should follow the most common track title on official releases. Release group titles should follow the release title of the first official release or the most common release title if it is much more well known by that name.

So release titles shouldn’t follow the release group title, but the cover art of that release - I think that is basically what you are asking right?
Same for tracks. The track title should not follow the recording title, but the cover art.


You’re confused? I don’t think so.:grinning: It’s me. To me a tweak is a subjective view and not specific unless you are speaking of “minor” changes like style. I guess that is just one of _my _ problems. First, regarding my e.g. above is that edit correct? I don’t think so. (Subjective conclusion by me)

So, “Recording titles AND track titles should follow the most common track title on official releases.” I take that to mean "what you see on the CA or disc [Yes?]. But shouldn’t the recording title also be the same as the RG title? So many times there are errors on the CA such as capitalization, spelling, apostrophes etc. that I wouldn’t think should carry over to the “recording” I can see entering the track title exactly as it is on the CA to help the next person who is trying to identify - match their album as it would help them with specificity.

Next, “Release group titles should follow the release title of the first official release or the most common release title if it is much more well known by that name.” Okay, I thought if someone changed the recording title it would also cause a problem with the RG. I must have thought wrong.

Please feel free to hit me over the head.:scream:

Yeah… this is one that I also see a lot. When I see an obvious error on the cover art, I will correct it. I will consider Artist’s Intent - as in the MUSICIAN and not the illiterate artist who made a transposition error when putting a cover together. This is especially true on a compilation. The more detached things get from the actual musicians, the more I will think back to what the Musician wanted.

As MB wants us to correct apostrophes, speech-marks, hyphens, capitalisation then I correct spellings as part of that clean-up.

Changing a Recording can never feed back up and change a Release Group so many levels above it. Even changing a Recording won’t affect any of the dozens of tracks that may be associated to it.

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A little more detail about the recording in question.

On the rockn’ edit my edit just capitalized the I. I looked back at the original release that had it listed as Rock-In (which has no cover art so could be wrong) and the back cover and discography of the time-life CD which had it the same. Not sure which way is correct for the original until some cover art is found. I’m not biased either way on the issue but the recording I edited was already Rock-in I just capitalized the I following guidelines about hyphens in titles. I know it has also been released as Rockin’ but this recording is supposed to be the original so that is what I based my decision off of. The track listing can and should have it the way the cover art has it for any release and that doesn’t affect the recording name.

Found the medium cover art for the original and up loaded it after a simple thirty second look around.

That is a little puzzle - Rockin’ or Rock-In.

When I look at the artist page for Bobby Day it seems he is mostly famous for that track.

All the albums are showing it as Rockin’ Robin. The other cover art that is available is showing Rockin’ Robin. This is both original 50s\60s and the later re-releases.

In this case I would have stuck to “Rockin’ Robin” as that is what it is clearly known as. I would put the “Rock-In” on that vinyl down to an error at the printers. And ignored it.

I assume it was on the charts and radio playlists as “Rockin’ Robin”?

Aha - add the wikipedia link. Then it is “originally released as rock-in robin”. So the hyphen stays. ( or is it a dash? hehe ) Agree that it should be entered as “Rock-In Robin”

Wikidata link added to the Release Group of this single. Which gives a nice bit of clarity to the reason for the hyphen in the name.

It is one of the areas of MB that makes it fun to add data. Always end up learning something new when adding in music and having to double check some facts.

(I have to say I always find it really neat the way MB will use a the text of a Wikipedia article at the top of the page like that.)


Thanks all!
“Rock-In Robin” [This was not aimed at any tract in particular], was chosen by me as an example for my question(s) in general. Most of which have been answered. I do wish to nail down the following:

  1. When entering an edit for a new CD. A track is entered as it appears on the CA or disc. Plus or minus general MB style corrections. True or False?

  2. A recording should be entered as its most commonly known or earliest documented title. True or False? @IvanDobsky answered my question about messing up a release group.

Yes these are very basic questions. I am currently on a quest to revisit all of my music library and fix any errors I may have made during my earliest submissions. I want to be certain that I don’t mess up anything that will make more work for someone else.



True. (Same for Works btw – though I’d say Works lean even more towards “earliest documented title” than Recordings.)


You always learn more with simple questions.

I have learnt much more from untangling my mistakes than from avoiding trying something. And there is usually someone around the forum who will check edits and help out.

The main trick I used in my early days was to pick a small unknown artist to do some of my first edits on. I added a few odd CDs from my collection. That way I knew I wasn’t going to upset people while I got my head around the system here.

I know how I enter a disk now has changed a lot from how I initially did it. It also means I know how to find my copy of Pink Floyd’s Animals among the big list of subtle differences.

As a fellow Llama, I’ll wade in and help any time you’re stuck. Just post in a thread like this and I’ll help with ya puzzles.

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Thank you!:smiley: To quote a former associate “Plain talk is easily understood”.

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Wilco. All help is graciously appreciated!

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‘Rock-In’ is interesting enough that I would potentially leave it, even if just to differentiate a specific release. ‘Rockim’ etc I would certainly correct. I would always make sure the recording is the most common version.

That’s just me :slight_smile:

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