Release has more physical tracks than listed, what to do? (The Cable Guy Soundtrack)

I have a physical copy of ee98bf68-a5eb-44f0-8c72-447ec537c149 and MB, the inlay and all say there were 16 tracks. That’s also why I can’t attach my TOC, for mine has 17 tracks.

Between tracks 14 and 15, there is the missing one: it’s ought to be “This Concludes Our Broadcasting Day Dialog spoken by Jim Carry”, merely about 2s long, before the self-titled track by John Ottman follows.

In some versions, the spoken part is prepended to the classical piece, but this release evidently one track the databases (and back tracklist) are missing, and I’m not sure how to handle it.

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The linked release already has a 16 track Disc ID.
You can duplicate this release into a 17 track release where you put your Disc ID.

If you lookup your TOC / Disc ID with Picard / isrcsubmit, you can create a new 17 track release and, in the Recordings tab of the release editor, you can paste all existing recording URL that you copy from linked release, except where the recording and track lengths don’t match (maybe those This Concludes Our Broadcast split tracks).

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