Release groups help!

Hello – I’m fairly new to MusicBrainz, learning a lot so far. I’m having difficulty with Release Groups though! I have a compilation disc, which contains 4 assumably already released CDs. But I think I’ve messed up this.

The reason I didn’t set it as a simple release with 4 Discs was actually all four have different catalogue numbers, and I wanted to keep this individuality.

Could someone check my entry and highlighted any errors? The Celibidache Edition - Mussorgsky / Stravinsky / Rimsky-Korsakov / Prokofiev ?

Hi Dale. Welcome to MusicBrainz and thanks for your contributions so far. I hope you’ve seen my comments on some of your edits which haven’t followed the Classical Style Guide (CSG for short). In particular there are certain conventions around where composers and performers are recorded as artists (in terms of release artists, track artists and recording artists). Please don’t modify existing releases unless you’re sure that the copy you have is the exact same version and you’re following the CSG.

I assume that you’re referring to this release listed on Discogs. What you need to add isn’t a release group with four releases, it’s a single release (which will create its own release group) with four mediums (CDs). If the Discogs artwork matches your copy, the release should have the following info:

Release artist: Mussorgsky, Stravinsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev; Celibidache, SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra (N.B. composers first then performers separated by semicolon – use the join separator to achieve this)

I would say the release title should be ‘The Stuttgart Recordings II’, although it isn’t particularly prominent.

The Celibdache Edition already exists (correctly) as a series, so you could add your release to that:

Please do continue to ask questions if you’re not totally sure what you’re doing, as classical editing can be a bit complicated!

Best wishes,


I’ve merged your Scythian Suite / Symphony No. 5 release in this edit, although it’s subject to review for a while unless an auto-editor approves it:

There didn’t seem to be anything distinguishing it from the existing release.

I’ve also edited the tracklist for this release to follow the Classical Style Guide, although it’s subject to review for a while unless an auto-editor approves it.

If the composers are credited in English, you should also use the ‘credited as’ box to type the names as credited. I don’t have artwork so I’m not sure how they’re credited, but I would imagine it’s probably not in Russian.

I’ve merged the four releases in your release group into a single release with four discs, although the edit is subject to review for a while unless an auto-editor approves it.

Thanks for your help, appreciated. It’s confusing when previously released recordings are released under different formats.

You’re welcome.

When recordings are re-released, we create a new release which re-uses the existing recordings. Easier to start with adding new releases though, certainly!

Do keep asking questions if you’re not sure of anything.