Release Group with releases with lots of release dates

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My eyes are bleeding.

Actually, only one of them is, and I’m waiting on laser surgery to fix it.

Unrelated to this meanwhile, I’m not entirely sure the RG pages work when there’s lots of separate release dates. Perhaps the date/country columns could collapse in some way?


We don’t need the detailed this country this date this country this date in the release group page IMO.
On the release group page, we can simmply list all dates once (not repeat if same), all countries once, etc.
And in the release page we have the detailed date/country matches.

About those digital downlord releases in general, it’s a pity we cannot have several dates for same country.
It prevents from merging some identical digital releases.

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No, you’re mistaken. All digital media releases in the screenshot with different release dates have unique barcodes and unique recordings. You could ignore those release dates and still be unable to merge the releases.

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I meant in general.
Because I already wanted to merge some digital downloard releases where the only difference was the date (with the same area).

I don’t care how it looks as long as the information is correct. I’m tired of people undoing my work because it has more than one country on it. Seriously. What’s wrong with this? Isn’t the purpose to have the most accurate information? I believe I read somewhere else on here that they are looking into redesigning MB to be aesthetically appealing, which is great. Hopefully this will be taken into consideration. It would be cool if in the RG’s it didn’t show like this, but it does. I agree with you, that it would be great if they could collapse in some way.


@ tigerman325
It would be interesting, where do you got the barcodes for the digital medias.
I could not figure it out.
They don’t exist in these reference works.:

iTunes barcodes are typically found by looking in the .jpg filename. I use the import from iTunes script and it has a “Link to HD Artwork” link you can click and it’s typically in the address bar. Then you must check it against the iTunes API to make sure it’s the legit barcode. This is done by[country code]/lookup?upc=[barcode found]. If it gives results than check the id in the results against the iTunes ID on your address line. As for Spotify & Deezer just check their API. Deezer lately has quit allowing you to search their site for free so I’m giving up on them, but if you have it just replace the www in[country code]/[id] with[id] (drop the country code) and Spotify use API at or even easier if you are just looking for barcode use[Spotify ID]. Also, if a track is iTunes exclusive and they don’t have a barcode in the .jpg file name, check!/search and check against the API.


Thank you for the explanation.
As I see it is not so easy to get the barcode for digital media and for a normal mortal not at all.

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I believe for Deezer you can still get the UPC and ISRC if you inspect the page the album or track is in. Just search for UPC or ISRC in the inspect tab/page and it should give them.

You can’t even view Deezer any more unless you pay them. However, If you Google the page for Deezer at least you can still access the API in the manner above if it gives the page address.