Release Group with releases by different artists?

I just created the release group “Kome Ryde With Us” by “Greenova South”:

And added the original release, the instrumental release and the “screwed” version of the instrumental release.
The two latter releases are credited to “Young God” a member of “Greenova South” and at first the whole release group showed up on Young God’s MB page:

Until I added another release group for that artist that is. I’d have expected the KRWU release group to show up on Young God’s artist page anyway (not just when displaying “Various Artists” RG’s), since he is the sole artist credited for two releases in the release group.

So now my question:
Would it in this case be better to sepparate the original and the instrumental versions into two different RGs?
What also speaks for that are the different names of the releases “Kome Ryde With Us” vs. “KRWU Instrumentals”, the different release years, different covers and bonus tracks on the instrumental versions.
On the other hand I’m a big fan of adding instrumental versions to the original’s RG.

I guess another option would be to change the artist credits of the RG to “Greenova South” & “Young God” (though that would be slightly strange since Young God is a member of Greenova South).

What do you think?

I would put each release in a separate release group (RG) then add relationships between these RGs:


It took me a while to wrap my head around this, but now I completely agree.
Here are the two edits: