Release (group) searches artist fields should look into aliases sort names and (other) credits

It’s maybe a l ittle bit contradicting an old post of mine but I was surprised several times when I had to remove artist(s) from my release (group) searches from foobar2000 in order to find them.

For example, Various Artists does have Compilation in its aliases.

This makes the [indexed search]( or [direct search]( find it: very good.

For advanced search, defaults finds it also good (as it searches in alias, artist and sortname by default, like indexed search probably).
I wonder what is primary_alias (it does not work), but this is secondary to me, I don’t need search fields in artist search, now.

My main question is around release and release group searches, with release or release group artist included in the query

Not using artist, searching titles like Greatest Hits or often used song or album titles would not find my result easily.

For some time now, I have noticed that the artist aliases were not looked into by my album searches, and I have to unfortunately remove artist from my queries as a second step.

The artist search fields we have for release and release group searches are:

  • artist
    (part of) the combined credited artist name for the release (group), including join phrases (e.g. “Artist X feat.”)
  • artistname
    (part of) the name of any of the release (group) artists

None of them will look into anything else than the name, it will not use aliases, and I guess it will not use sort name and maybe not list of all current artist credits (other than the one on the matched albums).

It would be great if it did!
The following searches would find my album, without having to remove the artist.

* I know I don’t need to use release and releasegroup fields, as they are the default search fields used when none is give.

This is quite possibly a naive question (I haven’t used foobar2000), but if your music is already tagged, can you change the searches to instead just jump to the release via its MBID?

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I guess I can add a conditional mbid search but my files usually don’t contain it, I’m not a heavy ripper and tagger.

I should not have mentioned foobar2000, I think it’s a general shortcoming, not only in the foobar2000 use case.

For example being able to search for artist:"nakamori akina" AND release:best would be handy.
Imagine searching release:best, without artist… :grin:

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