Release disappeared but can't figure out why

I recently added

Everything seemed fine (I could tag correctly using picard), and I felt happy to contribute.
But I got a notification today about the cover edit with a failed dependency and a note from the modbot : This release no longer exists.

Well… modbot never lies :sweat_smile: but how can I tell what happened ? I don’t know if I made a mistake during my edits or if I broke the guidelines or whatever…
I really thought I could check the history on my edits but there’s nothing.

Can someone please explain what happened ? :bowing_man:

I found this
It’s sure better to leave a message in original Add edit when you want to remove some.
Especially for recent edits.
I think it was removed because it looks like a playlist, not a release.

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Thank you @jesus2099 ! I don’t know how you were able to find it though :smile:
But I’m still a bit confused here.

The only rule on playlists I’ve been able to find is at

“Top something” Playlists

Bootleg torrents that are compilations based on playlists of charts authorities (like Billboard’s) should not be stored in MusicBrainz as releases. These playlists are often copyrighted by their issuers.

I understand the concern about not storing private / ephemeral playlists.
What about official content that is only proposed as a playlist, not a proper album ? Should we ignore all that ?
My edit was from a released game, so the (official) track listing won’t ever change, but it didn’t get an official album distribution, just playlists on streaming platforms.

About the copyright issue : why can we store physical bootleg in MB then ? :thinking:

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I would also be okay with leaving playlists that effectively function as a concrete official soundtrack. It’s really the same as playing a streaming ‘album’ in everything but name.

But if you want to make sure your data sticks around make sure to use the ‘subscribe’ function on artists, then you get notified and can vote on edits like that. There’s also the Voting request thread if you want to get more eyes/opinions on something.

I looked for Various artists Merge and Remove release edits between your creation date and your post date.
Then I used inline search (Ctrl+F) to find “fifa”. :wink:

Could it be a work or recording series*, for instance? :thinking:
But I don’t think we should create a release for a playlist.

* Series type filter syntax thanks to @reosarevok

not sure if the playlists on apple music/spotify have changed since originally posted, as the archived ea sports page doesn’t seem to match up with spotify

considering how many other fifa soundtracks are in MB it seems like a reasonable thing to have

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But is that not what series are for (using recordings as the item type)?

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Isn’t an album just a series of recordings with (usually) a picture and release date?

As orgs release albums on digital platforms more and more they realise a playlist is a way for them to release a soundtrack without having to duplicate/re-upload tracks (and potentially not worry as much about about licensing?). MB not treating it as a ‘proper’ soundtrack release because our old-fashioned terminology of what a ‘playlist’ is hasn’t caught up (used to be synonymous with: personal, nebulous data, not widely distributed, ever-changing, etc) with modern usage seems unproductive.

@jesus2099 you’re really my savior :smile:, thanks again. I totally overlooked the endless possibilities of the ‘Type’ field in the search form :sweat_smile:

Hum… It seems not everyone agree on what should be done. Being new, I just want to be a good soldier but to me the rule is not well defined, leaving room for a lot of interpretation.

As @briaguya said, I felt compelled to do it for the sake of completness regarding the other entries in the FIFA serie already in MB. I think what @aerozol said (thanks for the tip too !) on a more modern view of playlists seems reasonable.

@chaban I hope you won’t mind, can I request your opinion on this since you’re the one who made the cut ? Considering what has been said on the nature of this “playlist”, does it change anything for you ? Does it belong in MB or not ? Does it belong in MB but under another form ?


Please check out my post again, now that I could filter series types, works and recordings.