Release date removal: removed date not highlighted in the release page?


I’ve just submitted the following edit which removes a release date: Edit #90332513 - MusicBrainz. I expected to see the date in the corresponding release page highlighted in orange, but this is not the case. “1993” in the release event is displayed normally: Release “Journey Through Underworlds” by Lull - MusicBrainz.

Is this intended, or is it a bug?

I don’t think it’s intentional at least. that would be a nice feature tho~

if you want to make a ticket, you can add one here:

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As far as I know: Changed ‘fields’ don’t get highlighted, just ‘entities’ with pending edits.

So the album title is highlighted, or the artist, or a label, when there are pending edits for those entities.

Could be nice to have this be a bit more specific as well as highlighting the entitiy, but not a priority for me personally. If you think it would be super useful definitely add a ticket, could happen!


I asked the question because I was sure I’ve seen the dates in release event being highlighted on pending edits before. And I was wondering if the recent server update broke something. But if you say it never worked that way, I guess I remembered wrong.

Maybe I’ll raise a ticket for it later.

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