Release data question


Could someone have a look at the following release:?

This one is strange a bit… it is listed at iTunes (references on the release) as L.I.S.A. by Lisa, all recordings featuring J-Soul… but this is J-Soul’s album. I assume this is J-Soul as Lisa maybe. So if that is in fact the case (maybe others can share their thoughts), would it then go as “J-Soul as Lisa” as the artist, and also list J-Soul as the featured artist? This is a digital release, so there are no covers, stickers, and all that other stuff here to look at. There is however also a name issue for the release. L.I.S.A. is not what appears on the cover, but the full name appears there. In this case, it is the short name that it is known by like Mila’s release MILA, and opposite of the Tove Lo BLUE LIPS Lady Wood 2 release.

If others can share thoughts on both of those issues, in summary:

  1. how to list the ACs, since J-Soul is sort of the artist and featured listed artist and
  2. how to title the release when the cover (and no other artwork like a spine to reference) lists a release title that differs from what it is “known as”.

Additionally, if you reference the metadata, the artist is listed as “J-Soul” and “J-Soul” is also listed as featured artist on all tracks. On the iTunes website, the artist is listed as “Lisa” however, so there is a difference there as well, not consistent.


I have made some edits to correct this release, sticking with the artist being J-Soul as it was added. The issue was it was added to an existing J-Soul artist, which was the wrong one. I have created a new one and added note to each to help distinguish them for others.

My edits that are done and some outstanding still did not change the format in which it was added, it remains as it was using artist J-Soul and no featured artist of J-Soul… so the question here is still open for opinion.