Release county vs distributed are they the same?

if you have a look at this cover witch i have it has Usa and Canada as the counties it was distributed in but if you look at the one from discord it has Uk and Europe do i say where thay were distributed as to where they where released?

The back cover is different, therefore they are different releases.

Your back cover says U.S.A., Canada. The linked Discogs back cover says nothing of the sort, while the CD itself says UK and Europe.


yep but what im asking is should the release country for albums like this one that I have that are distributed in have the release country be the same as distributed. ie for mine that would make it usa and canada and the discords one would be Uk and Europe i have a lot of albums that have distributed in canada only on them. im from australia and they were perchested from stores like and manly koorong tho so thay are most likely imported here

I, personally, wouldn’t trust it to mean that.

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well then how do you fined out what country an album was released in there has to be some way of telling and dont say use website like Discogs because most of the time thay seame to use the distributed country as release country like steve greens album

Sometimes you just can’t know. :man_shrugging: It’s no shame leaving it blank, and it’s better to leave it blank than to maybe fill it in with wrong information.