Release artist: merge artist name into legal name?

Case [b]AND[/b] discussion.

I PREfer to merge of ALL the artists.
ONE editor DISagrees.

Which SHOULD it be?

I’ve voted to merge according to the style guide, with more detailed reasoning on that page. Hopefully I’m not wrong in how I’m reading that, since I’ve followed that rule of thumb in merging several artists of my own.

I don’t think the credit name system’s interface is currently robust enough to really support this. When adding a new release for Matt Creamer, how am I supposed to know unless I am familiar with him that he would be an alias of Norrin_Radd in this case?

This is why alias exist:

As said, the database search does take aliases into account – I can search for “Eithne Ní Bhraonáin” and “Enya” is correctly the top result. I do acknowledge that it could be difficult for the user to realize that it’s the right artist if they don’t know much about them, and maybe that’s something to look into on the interface side of things, but there’s a reason the style guide recommends the primary name be the most commonly used.


This depends on whether the music released under his legal name and his alias are considered the same “project”, so to say. Are they all the same style and whatnot, and did he just adopt a performance name at some point?

If he intentionally makes and releases different styles of music under each alias, they should be separate - otherwise, they should probably be merged.

By the way, please don’t write all your posts with “artistic” capitalisation - it makes them harder to read (must make them harder to write too!) and that’s not very respectful of other people’s time :slight_smile:


reosarevok, SEE the VGMdb URL in the Edit Note discussion for the artist work PER alias/name credits.

I’m strongly in favour of having different “projects” remain as different entries in the database.
Occasionally you have a name used by a person in a solo project, he then starts collaborating with another person and now it is a group.
If you merge them it becomes more complex and you probably need to start again.

Not to say that i’m against merging all stage names and legal names, it does make sense to do that as well.
As there are 3 entries you are trying to merge i would merge Matt Creamer and Matthew Creamer and keep the other one.

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I put that in as edit #43545658.

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