Moderating post formatting

My job, and other people with ability to edit posts, is to make sure discussion and interactions happen smoothly. Your style of writing is disturbing for the discussion at hand, so it will get edited to make it easier for people to read your posts. This is a forum for discussion, not a place to express yourself artistically. If you claim that your style of writing is not an artistic expression, then don’t claim “artist intent”.

Also, I didn’t notice anyone voicing a negative opinion to you. If so, please let me know about it. However, your text is very disturbing to read. I won’t tell you how to communicate in other places, but it is my job (officially too) to oversee the communications here. If you do not want to stop using excessive capitalisation and bolding, then please do not post here at all.

Thank you.
—Freso, Community Manager


In the post by reosarevok:
‘By the way, please don’t write all your posts with “artistic” capitalisation - it makes them harder to read (must make them harder to write too!) and that’s not very respectful of other people’s time.’

Is this not “a negative opinion” being directed toward myself?
This is negative in nature and an instruction issued based upon a perceived and then expressed opinion as if it is a global fact…

The principle behind “Artist Intent” rule is what I meant…
Having respect for the way the creator of something to be expressed as he/she intended without it being altered beyond what they initially have done, especially without their permission.
Simply: to retain the integrity of the work in all of its forms.

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I concur with the negative opinion …

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I was also one who commented on the other thread (just if somebody is looking: the comment is gone for being off-topic, which is good).

This was for sure a critique, but by no means meant as a personal attack. For what it is worth in my opinion you can write however you want.

But I don’t see the point in intentionally slowing down the reader and making things difficult to read in a discussion where you actually want people to participate. I try to make good use of my time here in the forums and actually help people by answering their questions. I see no point in reading something that was intentionally crafted to slow me down, so I will just skip those posts. Also a lot of people here are not native speakers. Requiring “an intimate knowledge of the English language”, as you say yourself, might not be the best strategy to get a thorough discussion going.

Bottom line: I just wanted to make you aware of the fact that your style of writing hinders discussions and might prevent some people in participating.