Relationships for different, but related works by the same composer

I was wondering, wouldn’t a relationship for related, but independent works be interesting?
(comparable to “sequals”)

I just noticed there is no (established) way to add a relationship to:


The exact same situation exists for his Debussy’s Etudes & Images

Or would such a relationship be suited to gather under a ‘series’?
Reading the style guideline for Works-Series, it seems series are only to be used for official published catalogues.

In expansion, being able to add a relationship for for instance all “Piano sonates”, or "Symphonies’ by a specific composer (for instance Beethoven) would be interesting.

Am I right there is currently no established way to gather these in some kind of relationship?
If so, wouldn’t it be interesting to establish a way to do this?

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No opinion on those work-work relationships, but…

This to me sounds like something better handled by search in some form. E.g. all symphony works would be tagged “symphony”, and then you run a query for Works by given Composer with given Tag. (Or possibly “symphony” would be a work type instead? Unsure, not dealing with classical much I just know Song…)

It is a work type :slight_smile: And they can already be filtered for.

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That’s the case for the “catalogue” type, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t add a standard work series without “catalogue” :slight_smile: I would not use this for Symphony 1, 2, etc, but for something like “X, livre 1” it seems to make sense.

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Ah, yes, Symphony is already a work type. Thanks!

I made a series for the two books with préludes by Debussy. Can you check if I’ve done it properly? See: Préludes - MusicBrainz

Is there a place where I can post suggestions for additional work types?
In this particular instance: Preludes

Not sure what to do with the Prelude & fugues by JS Bach.
They complement each other, but technically the fugue is not a prelude.
Wiki info on prelude: Prelude (music) - Wikipedia
Some more detail on the fugue: Fugue - Wikipedia
And a page about the combination: Prelude and fugue - Wikipedia

If it’s worth adding: maybe just name it “Prelude / fugue” so it can be used for both?

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Preludes very often appear without a fugue, so this seems odd.

I would also like to know how to suggest new works types though.

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New work types can be suggested via style tickets in our ticket tracker at :slight_smile: